TOEFL Structure Bank

TOEFL Structure Bank

This document contains the many questions related to TOEFL structure. You must download the document to get the complete thousands TOEFL structure questions.

And  these are the sample questions (just sample):

1. The flexibility of film allows the artist __________ unbridled imagination to the animation of cartoon characters.
(A) to bring
(B) bringing
(C) is brought
(D) brings

2. Traditionally, __________in New England on Thanksgiving Day.
(A) when served is sweet cider
(B) when sweet cider is served
(C) is served sweet cider
(D) sweet cider is served

3. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent __________, or pronghorn.
(A) it is the American antelope
(B) the American antelope is
(C) is the American antelope
(D) the American antelope

4. Lillian D. Wald, public health nurse and __________, was born in Cincinnati Ohio, in 1867.
(A) reforming society
(B) social reformer
(C) who reformed society
(D) her social reform

5. Copper sulfate, spread in judicious amounts, kills algae __________ harming fish or aquatic invert-ebrates.
(A) does not
(B) but does no
(C) except
(D) without

Download the complete question provided in TOEFL Structure Bank document:

Download “TOEFL Structure Bank” TOEFL Structure Bank – Downloaded 1939 times – 929 kB

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