CCNA Sample Test Question and Answer 2

CCNA sample test

This is the document which contain 20 CCNA Sample Test Questions and the answers also included:

Here the 4 sample questions out fo 20 questions:

11) How do you apply the access group command?
A) Router(config) # access-list 1 out
B) Router(config-if) # access-listp 1 out
C) Router(config) # access-group 1 out
D) Router(config-if) # access-group 1 out

12) What are the access-list ranges of IP (standard and extended)?
A) 1-99 and 100-199
B) 1-99 and 900-999
C) 100-199 and 800-899
D) 800-899 and 900-999

13) Which are true regarding VLANs?
A) VLANs have the same collision domain
B) VLANs have the same broadcast domain
C) VLANs are less secure compared to switch or hub networks.
D) VLANs use layer 2 switching which is a substitute for routing technology which uses routers.

14) Which of the following statements are true about EIGRP route summarization?
A) EIGRP provides summarization of routes at classful boundaries by default.
B) For summarizing routes at an arbitrary boundary, one need to disable auto summarization, using “no auto-summary” command.
C) Manual summarization in EIGRP network takes place on any interface in the network.
D) For specifying a summary route manually, you must specify the metrics.

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