CCNA Exam 642-577 – Wireless LAN for System Engineers (WLANSE)

Wireless LAN for System Engineeers WLANSE

This is the Exam 642-577 with subject Wireless LAN for System Engineers (WLANSE). Download this exam sample to help your CCNA exam. The answer for each question already provided. You can download the file at the end of this post.

Exam : 642-577
Title : Wireless LAN for System Engineers (WLANSE)
Ver : 02.13.07

2 Example Question out of 249 Questions:

When deploying Access Points in hotstandby mode. Which channel is used by the standby Access Point?
A. It scans all available channels.
B. It uses the same channel as the primary AccessPoint .
C. It uses a channel adjacent to the primary Access Point.
D. The radio is off until an SNMP trap is sent by the primary.

Answer: B

Utilizing the hot standby mode, the redundant access point can be set to monitor the main access point. This monitoring is done via both the RF and the Ethernet connection. In the event thateirtherfails, the redundant access point will take over.

In the hot standby mode, the redundant access point becomes a client (will not accept associations from clients) of the monitored access point and therefore does not interfere with the monitored access point.
Reference:AironetWireless LAN Fundamentals (AWFL) StudentGude

Which three statement tools are applicable to Cisco WLAN? (Choose three.)
B. Windows 2000
C. Cisco Device Manager
D. Cisco Element Manager Framework
E. RFSniffersand Spectrum Analyzers

Answer: A, B, E

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