CCNA Exam 642-444 – IP Telephony Exam

IP Telephony Exam

This is the Exam 642-444 with subject IP Telephony. Download this exam sample to help your CCNA exam. The answer for each question already provided. You can download the file at the end of this post.

Exam : 642-444
Title : IP Telephony Exam
Ver : 02.13.07

3 Example Questions out of 448 Questions:

What is required for the Barge feature to work?
A. a conference bridge
B. a shared line
C. a conference already in process
D. a multiple line appearence

Answer: B

Barge and Privacy
The Barge and Privacy features work with each other. Both features work with only shared lines.

Four geographic regions have defined for an IP telephony deployment: Southern
Germany, Northern Germany, Austria, and, Hungary. Although voice bandwidth within a region is not constrained, voice bandwidth between regions is constrained. When you configure CallManager, select the most appropriate codec to configure between the Austria region and the other regions.
A. G.711
B. G.722
C. G.726
D. G.728
E. G.729
F. Wideband

Answer: E

The incidence of rogue phones gaining network access has dropped to zero. Which
security solution has most likely been deployed?
A. implementing approved anti-virus software
B. applying O/S patches regularly and often
C. deploying a well-configured firewall
D. requiring signed firmware loads
E. requiring password logins for phone usage
F. deploying secure RTP

Answer: E

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