CCNA Exam 642-871 – Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

This is the Exam 642-871 with subject Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures. Download this exam sample to help your CCNA exam. The answer for each question already provided, include the explanation. You can download the file at the end of this post.

Exam: 642-871
Title: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Ver: 02-14-07

3 Example Questions out of 264 Questions:

How would you define a fault tolerant device?
A. A backup path exists for every link between the client and the server.
B. Key components can be hot-swapped.
C. A backup device exists for every device between the client and the server.
D. Devices in the network can be hot-swapped without interrupting the network operation.
E. The device provides redundant backup within the device for each of its key components.

Answer: E

Device fault tolerance and redundancy: This is often the first level of availability in the network. Fault-tolerant devices provide a high level of reliability. Cisco offers options for redundant supervisor engines and dual power supplies, which provide the first backstop against a network failure.
Reference: Arch student guide p.1-13.

Which of the following characteristics do you need to take into account when analyzing an application? (Choose three.)
A. Bandwidth, loss tolerance, and delay characteristics
B. Server speed
C. Number of servers and users
D. Application type
E. User’s operating system
F. Server operating system
G. All of the above.

Answer: A, C, D
Official Cisco ARCH course material, pg. 2-12

Which of the following metrics are used to measure performance in the Enterprise Edge module of the Enterprise Composite Network model? (Select three.)
A. grade of service
B. response time
C. throughput
D. transmit jitter
E. utilization

Answer: B, C, E

Performance might be the least understood term in networking. Typically, performance is defined as throughput and packets per second (pps). These are easy numbers to gauge and report, but these values relate to a single switch or router and make no sense when measuring an entire network.
The point is that there is no one metric for determining performance. Instead, gauge network performance by these three metrics:
1) Responsiveness.
2) Throughput.
3) Utilization.
Reference: Arch student guide p. 1-10.

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