TOEFL Exam Success in Only 6 Steps! Book

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This is the TOEFL Exam Success Book, In Only 6 Steps! (ebook version) to support and prepare your TOEFL exam.

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Because your score on the TOEFL exam can determine whether or not you are accepted into an academic institution or program, it is important to prepare carefully for the exam.As you have probably noticed, there are dozens of TOEFL exam preparation books available in libraries and bookstores. Most of these books provide you with practice TOEFL exams to help you become familiar with the format of the test. But taking practice TOEFL exams will do little to boost your score if what you really need is to improve your basic English skills.

That’s exactly how this book can help you. The goal of LearningExpress®’s TOEFL® Exam Success is fourfold:

  1. To explain the format of each section of the TOEFL exam.
  2. To offer specific test-taking strategies that you can use on the exam.
  3. To review the basic reading, writing, and listening skills you need to do well on each section.
  4. To provide exercises that help you build the basic skills and practice the test-taking strategies you learn in each section.

Good luck for your TOEFL exam.

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