Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA

soal bahasa inggris kelas x sma

Berikut ini adalah soal Bahasa Inggris kelas X SMA yang bisa anda gunakan untuk latihan/bahan belajar anda. Mungkin para guru juga bisa menggunakan soal ini sebagai referensi pembuatan soal. Total soal ada 50 soal yang semuanya berupa multiple choice.

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA (5 dari 50 soal):

David : “Hi….how do you do?”
Martin : “………”
a. How do you do
b. Nice to meet you
c. I’m fine, and you?
d. not bad
e. a and b are correct

pete : “How about having dinner with me tonight?
Kate : “Thanks you, I’d love to.
From the dialogue above we conclude that …..
a. kate declines the the invitation
b. pete want to hve dinner
c. kate love pete
d. pete invites kate to have dinner together
e. pete make a date with kate

The boy : “……, madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?”
The old lady : “ By all means.”
a. Hi
b. Excuse me
c. Hello
d. How do you do
e. Nice to meet you

April : “ my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent university in America.”
Ivone : “ ……………..”
a. I’m glad to hear that
b. I’m sorry to know that
c. it’s commond.
d. I’m not surprise
e. I’m not satisfied

Cavin : “You know Rita’s father is hospitalized for his serious illness.”
Barbara : “…………….”
a. She must be very sad
b. She must be very happy
c. Excuse me
d. It’s borring
e. it’s good idea

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    1. rewrite the following in negative commmands
    a.come to my house ; don’t come to my house

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    I’m primary 5 student
    I’m International school
    I’m smart
    Its easy (n)
    Its not my level (n)
    My level is INTERATIONAL!

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