Microsoft Exam MOS-E2E – Excel 2000 Expert

Microsoft Exam Excel 2000 Expert

Description of the document:

Exam : MOS-E2E
Title : Excel 2000 Expert
Ver : 02.13.07

Example Questions out of 30 Questions:

Import the tab-delimited text file “Spare parts” from the C:\ Certkiller \MyDocuments.


Step 1: Click Data->Get External Data->Import Text File. Navigate to C:\ Certkiller \MyDocuments
Step 2: Select the Spare parts text file and click Import. Click Next twice.
Step 3: Click Finish.
Step 4: Select Existing Worksheet. Click OK


Create a new database query that will import the “Prices by Manufacturer” query from the “Car tracker” database in the C:\ Certkiller \MyDocuments folder. Return the data to the current worksheet.


Step 1: Choose Data->Get External Data->New Database Query.
Step 2: On the Databases tab, select MS Access Database. Click OK.
Step 3: Select the CarTracker.mdb database. Click OK.
Step 4: In the Available tables and column list, select Prices by Manufacturer. Click the > button.
Step 5:.Click Next three times.
Step 6: Select Return Data to Microsoft Excel. Click Finish. Select Existing worksheet and click OK.

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