CCNA Exam 642-586 – Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers

Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers

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CCNA Exam 642-586
Title: Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers
Ver: 02.07.07

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Certkiller .com brings you a previously completed site survey for the initial wireless implementation from 12 months ago. The customer currently has six access points deployed in the warehouse. The survey shows that the installed coverage provides for a 15-percent overlap between cells at 5.5 Mbps, and a 5-percent overlap at 11 Mbps. This solution has proven to provide adequate coverage and roaming capabilities for the data applications. However, the customer has recently moved to a VoIP telephony solution and has attempted to add seven Cisco 7920 wireless IP phones with limited success. Why has the customer only had limited success with the current deployment to meet the data needs?
A. inadequate throughput
B. inadequate overlap
C. inadequate data rate
D. too many Cisco 7920 wireless IP phones per access point

Answer: B

Which authentication mechanism was introduced in Cisco Compatible Extensions program version 2?
D. EAP-Cisco Wireless (LEAP)

Answer: B

How many prior configuration versions can be archived on the WLSE?
A. four
B. six
C. eight
D. two

Answer: A

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