CCNA Exam 642-432 – Cisco Voice Over IP

Cisco Voice Over IP

CCNA Exams 642-432 with subject Cisco Voice Over IP to help you preparing CCNA exams.

Exam : 642-432
Title : Cisco Voice Over IP
Ver : 02.13.07

3 Sample Questions out of 213 Questions:

What is the E.164 numbering plan?
A. A proprietary PBX number plan.
B. The IETF North American number plan.
C. The European PBX standard telephony number plan.
D. The ITU worldwide number plan.

Answer: D

Numbering Scheme
The standard PSTN is a large, circuit-switched network. It uses a specific numbering scheme, which complies with the ITU-T international public telecommunications numbering plan (E.164) recommendations. For example, in North America, the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is used, which consists of an area code, an office code, and a station code. Area codes are assigned geographically, office codes are assigned to specific switches, and station codes identify a specific port on that switch.

The format in North America is 1Nxx-Nxx-xxxx, with N = digits 2 through 9 and x = digits 0 through 9. Internationally, each country is assigned a one- to three-digit country code; the country’s dialing plan follows the country code. In Cisco’s voice implementations, numbering schemes are configured using the destination-pattern command.

E.164 is an ITU-T recommendation which defines the international public telecommunication numbering plan used in the PSTN and some other data networks.

Which of the following best describes the main difference between G.729 and G.729a?
A. G.729 has higher complexity.
B. G.729 requires a higher bit rate.
C. G.729a has built-in echo cancellation.
D. G.729a has improved speech performance.
E. G.729a is designed for use with 3DES encryption

Answer: A

What type of signalling is used for a circuit transmitted within the same channel as the voice?
B. SS7 Signalling
C. In-line Signalling
D. Common Channel Signalling
E. Channel Associated Signalling

Answer: E

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