CCNA Exam 642-353 – Cisco Storage Network Design

Cisco Storage Network Design

This is CCNA Exam 642-353 with subject of Cisco Storage Network Design. Download the document at the end of this post.

Exam : 642-353
Title : Cisco Storage Network Design
Ver : 02.13.07

3 Sample Questions out of 274 Questions:

What are two reasons that remote backup (remote vaulting) is a core application of FCIP? (Choose two.)
A. FCIP is relatively inexpensive when compared with optical storage networking.
B. Enterprises and storage service providers (SSPs) can provide remote-vaulting services by using existing FCIP WAN infrastructures.
C. FCIP is very reliable because it always uses host-based synchronous replication.
D. FCIP is very reliable because it always uses disk-based asynchronous replication.
E. Applications are often sensitive to high latency, but in a properly designed FCIP backup implementation, the application can be protected from problems with the backup process by using techniques such as snapshots and split mirrors.

Answer: A,E

What technology minimizes the potential for service interruption on SAN extension links?
C. VSANs and IVR
D. Port Channeling

Answer: B

A customer currently has 10 IBM AIX servers. A production IBM AIX database server has 1 TB of direct-attached storage that is dedicated to database files and log files, of which 800 GB is used. The database files and log files are synchronized from the production database server to the dat -mining servers for the purposes of data extraction only. The data-mining servers each have 1 TB of direct-attached storage that is dedicated to the replicated database files and log files. The customer is considering purchasing the Cisco MDS 9216 Fabric Switch and utilizing the read-only zoning feature to enable the data-mining servers to read from the production-server volume on the disk array. How much storage capacity could be reclaimed by using this approach?
A. 800 GB
B. 1 TB
C. 7.2 TB
D. 8 TB
E. 9 TB

Answer: E

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