Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Explanation


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DHCP Description:

  • DHCP works in a client/server mode. DHCP enables DHCP clients on an IP network to obtain their configurations from a DHCP server.
  • DHCP is not intended for configuring routers, switches, and servers. These type of hosts need to have static IP addresses.
  • DHCP works by providing a process for a server to allocate IP information to clients. Clients lease the information from the server for an administratively defined period. When the lease expires the client must ask for another address, although the client is typically reassigned the same address. Administrators typically prefer a network server to offer DHCP services because these solutions are scalable and relatively easy to manage. Cisco routers can use a Cisco IOS feature set, Easy IP, to offer an optional, full-featured DHCP server.
  • Administrators set up DHCP servers to assign addresses from predefined pools. DHCP servers can also offer other information, such as DNS server addresses, WINS server addresses, and domain names. Most DHCP servers also allow the administrator to define specifically what client MAC addresses can be serviced and automatically assign them the same IP address each time. DHCP uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) as its transport protocol. The client sends messages to the server on port 67. The server sends messages to the client on port 68.

What can DHCP offer to clients:

  • IP address
  • Gateway address
  • Subnet mask
  • DNS server address
  • WINS server address
  • Domain name and address
  • And many other parameters

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