Word Formation in English

Word Formation in English Ebook

This is the Ebook with subject “Word Formation in English” which will help you study English.

The purpose of the book is to enable the students to engage in (and enjoy!) their own analyses of English (or other languages’) complex words. After having worked with the book, the reader should be familiar with the necessary and most recent methodological tools to obtain relevant data (introspection, electronic text collections, various types of dictionaries, basic psycholinguistic experiments, internet resources), should be able to systematically analyze their data and to relate their findings to theoretical problems and debates. The book is not written in the perspective of a particular theoretical framework and draws on insights from various research traditions.

Word-formation in English can be used as a textbook for a course on word formation (or the word-formation parts of morphology courses), as a source-book for teachers, for student research projects, as a book for self-study by more advanced students (e.g. for their exam preparation), and as an up-to-date reference concerning selected word-formation processes in English for a more general readership.

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