Soal Seleksi Masuk Universitas Indonesia (SIMAK-UI) 2009


Berikut ini kami sediakan soal Seleksi Masuk Universitas Indonesia (SIMAK-UI) untuk tahun 2009. Soal-soal sudah dijadikan satu file berbentuk zip. Soal-soal tersebut meliputi soal Bahasa Inggris, Biologi, Fisika, Kimia, Matematika, IPA Terpadu dan IPS Terpadu.

Preview dari soal Bahasa Inggris dapat anda lihat pada gambar dibawah:

soal seleksi masuk universitas indonesia

Text I
Third World countries often mistakenly decide to permit rapid industrialization. When this industrialization occurs, many new factories open, and workers get jobs. Unfortunately, many of these new jobs are not permanent. The leaders of an industry want their factories to be as productive as possible, and they will do anything to achieve that goal. Whenever they can, they take advantage of automation, which means that workers are replaced by a more efficient machine. ____________________.

Gunakan Petunjuk A dalam menjawab soal nomor 41 sampai nomor 60

41. The main information of the text tells us about _____.
(A) rapid economic growth in developing countries
(B) the importance of automation for Third World countries
(C) the advantage and disadvantage of industrialization
(D) the advantage of automation for leaders of industries
(E) automation which is the best way to get maximum profit

42. Which of the following sentences is the best concluding sentence for the text?
(A) Thus, industrialization can boost Third World countries’ economic growth.
(B) In short, many employees have the opportunity to get new jobs.
(C) Therefore, there is an increase in employees’ standard of living.
(D) To conclude, industrialists can better share their profit with employees.
(E) As a result, automation may increase the rate of unemployment.

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