CCNA Exam 642-414 – IP Telephony Design Exam (IPTD)

IP Telephony Design Exam (IPTD)

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CCNA Exam 642-414
Title: IP Telephony Design Exam (IPTD)
Ver: 02.12.07

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What is the maximum number of conferences that a s ingle DSP resource will support?
A. 6 if the callers are using medium complexity codecs, 3 for high complexity codecs.
B. 6 callers, there is no codec complexity issue.
C. 12 if the callers are using medium complexity codecs, 6 for high complexity codecs.
D. 12 callers, there is no codec complexity issue.

Answer: B
One conference DSP can support up to six participants, conferences cannot span multiple DSPs.
There is no concept of complexity in conferencing and transcoding.
For advanced activities such as conference calling and transcoding, the IP telephony system must have adequate DSP resources. With conference calls, the system must be able to simultaneously blend voice transmissions from a number of users. Likewise, most calls are transmitted across the WAN using a low bandwidth codec such as G.729a. At the opposite end of the WAN, transmissions will need to be transcoded to G.711 codec if the destination device does not “speak” G.729a. These functions require DSP resources.
DSP resources can be added to the network by placing a DSP blade in the Catalyst 6000 or Catalyst 4000.

In their business day, Certkiller .com has 35,422 total minutes of external traffic. Given that the busiest hour is 17% of the daily total, calculate the number of erlangs from Certkiller .coms daily call minutes (round to the nearest 10th)
A. 1.7
B. 60.2
C. 73.8
D. 100.4
E. 167.2

Answer: D
Formula is : Total minutes in the day multiplied by 17% and then divided by 60 gives you the Erlangs
So, 35422 X .17 = 6021.74 6021.74 / 60 = 100.36 (which is 100.4 when rounded up)


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