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This book takes you on a self-guided tour of all the areas covered by the CCNA exam and teaches you the specific skills you need to achieve your certification. The book also contains helpful hints, tips, real-world examples, and exercises, as well as references to additional study materials.


This book is your one-stop shop. Everything you need to know to pass the exam is in here. You do not have to take a class in addition to buying this book to pass the exam. However, depending on your personal study habits or learning style, you might benefit from buying this book and taking a class. Taking a CCNA certification class gives you dedicated study time and precious hands-on experience with live Cisco equipment.

Cisco has divided the CCNA from a single test into two separate exams, INTRO and ICND. Although the single CCNA exam still remains, Cisco recommends only those who are recertifying an existing CCNA certification take this exam. This CCNA Exam Prep title prepares you for both the INTRO exam, which covers the foundation Cisco network concepts and configurations, and the ICND exam, which covers the more advanced network concepts and configurations. Personally, we would recommend that you follow Cisco’s advice on taking the two-exam path rather than the single CCNA exam. Although it may be tempting to go after the one-test “fast-track,” this single exam is extremely difficult and has discouraged many potential CCNA candidates from continuing on in their Cisco certification journey.

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